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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Recently, there is not so hot in Nagoya and I'm spending comfortably my summer vacation.
Generally, summer vacation of university in Japan is till the end term of September. But most elementary school, junior high school and high school's new school term begin on September 1th. City library was very crowded today. Maybe lots student is pressing by homework. Why they save lots homework? It's wonders for me.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Now, I want to get Casio EW-G100 But it's very difficult to buy because we can't buy it in Japan. Only way is ask for an importing dealer or importing by myself on internet.
Ask for importing dealer is very expensive and importing by myself is very difficult because only German site sells but it is unease because I'm not good at German.

How to get EW-G100?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Pull teeth

My teeth was pulled in dentist today. Because my jaw is smaller than my teeth, so must to pull some teeth to straighten. A while back, to pull wisdom teeth, it was so hurt, but now is not so hurt.

Today pulled 2 teeth, but I must pull more 2 teeth. It makes me tiredly...

Sunday, August 27, 2006


I took TOEIC today and I realized that my ittle command of English. So, I must to study hard more.


For few days, I stopped updating this blog because I stayed at Hakone. I came back home yesterday.
Later, I write about Hakone stay.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Today is Sunday but nothing special for me.
This afternoon, I will go to a beauty parlor. Every day is hot, so I will have be cut my hair shorter.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Donichi Eco Ticket

Donichi(Sat.&Sun.) Eco Ticket is 1 day free pass ticket on Nagoya city public subway and bus.
It allow for unlimited rides for 1 day but only valid at Saturday, Sunday, holiday and 8th/every month. This ticket project began at April this year. Nagoya city is car society and exhaust gas of a car has bad influence on environment. Therefore, to reduce exhaust gas, this ticket(be named "ECO") was issued.
This ticket is 600yen for adult and 300yen for child(under 12). A basic fare is 200yen of both subwa and bus. So, 3 times of rides, you can get your ticket's worth.

Today, I bought this ticket and roamed around.
At first, I went to Tokugawa Art Museum. My school join some member of this museum, so I can enter free if I show my student identification card.

Tokugawa(徳川) was a powerful daimyo family of Japan. And this museum is administered by them posterity.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Northern Territories

The Northern Territories are Kunashiri(国後,Кунашир), Etorofu(択捉,Итуруп), Shikotan (色丹,Шикотан) and the Habomai rocks (歯舞,Хабомай). This islands are known in Japan as the Northern Territories and in Russia as the Southern Kurils. Russia has occupied the islands since the end of World War II.

On 16th morning, a Russian patrol killed Japanese fisherman as it seized a Japanese crab fishing boat in in territorial waters of the Northern Territories. I protest this event.

But I didn't know the agreement of fishery. As this agreement, Japanese fishing boat must not to fish crab in there. Even if any kind of reason, we must observe the agreement and obey the stoppage order. But, is this admited to kill parson? It never admit. Precisely, territorial waters of the Northern Territories is Japanese territories! But so many Japanese people don't interest to it. Therefore, No people complain about it and Russia continue to occupy. To Reconquist this territories, it need more people's interest about it.

Refer to this.
See also about Japan's Northern Territories.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Strange Weather

Japan win with a 2-0 over Yemen on last evening. This is coach Ivica Osim's first competitive game as Asian Cup 2007 Qualifying. But I think it is unconvincing game and lots of problem was left.

This morning was very sunny but it began to rain suddenly. Then clear again. In the afternoon, it began to rain suddenly again. And aslo now is rainy. What strange weather? Is this effected by typhoon?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Chirping of cicada

Chirping of cicada is summer symbol in Japan. But sometimes it's noisy. Today, I walked along the sidewalk. And cicada's chirp were heard from ground. To look, there was a cicada falling. Cicada passes 7 years in the ground as larva. Then, come to ground, but only 7 days alive there. what a empty life!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Victory over Japan Day

Today is the day of end of World War II day. This morning, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi went and worshiped at Yasukuni Shrine. There happen pro and con for this action. It is difficult to judge the right or wrong. But anyway, what is the most important is never repeat this tragedy.

Today, War is still continuing around the world. Why people repeat tragedy?

Monday, August 14, 2006

City Hall

Monday are lots of public facility (ex; library, museum, aquarium, zoo, botanical garden) closed. So today, I couldn't go library. But today was also very hot, so I went to City Hall today.
In City Hall, lots of high school student were studying. In such situation, maybe I'm very remarkable. But I don't mind it. City Hall is cool and comfortable.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Summer patrol radio exercises

In NHK Radio program, Radio Exercises are broadcasting(729Mhz in Nagoya) everyday at 6:30 AM. This morning was live broadcast from my old elementary school. I went to school at about 5:50 and many people came. At first, Mayor speaked in front of a citizen. Today was big event in my town.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Before dawn on today, I woke up because outside flashed and rolled. But soon I could sleep again.
A death accident by thunder often happens. And in today's IT society, electronics obstacle by a thunderbolt become a serious problem.
In Japanese phrase,"Jishin-Kaminari-Kaji-Oyaji(地震雷火事親父)" is unique. This meaning is "earthquake-thunder-fire-father". All of this are dreadful thing and order from a dreadful thing. I think this is very interesting and proper.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Today is also very hot! More than 37(c)? What? Are there sauna? Like this day, I wanna do nothing. A whole day, I slept.

Lots of terrorists were arrested in Britain. The yangest member is 17 years old?! Wow, it's too mad. So, Japan is very peaceful I though. But I wanna go some abroad someday, So try more hard to study English. Unt...Ja, Auch Studie Deutscher!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Full Moon

Japan national team is victory over Trinidad and Tobago, with 2-0. This is Osim's first match and maybe not bad result I thought.

Yesterday night, I looked up at sky and I found round moon. I don't know yesterday is full moon or not, but it's so round like full moon. Yesterday were beautiful weather of after typhoon passed and the moon was very bright and shiny. By the way, I remind that I don't have long time no see like this clearly moon.
To looked up at sky more carefully, I can see some first star. But the moon's light and town's light prevent from my cosmic observation. Town's light makes us difficult to watch star.
Last August when I went to Ayers Rock, there was no light and very dark, so night sky is very beautiful and we can see very clearly starry skies. Maybe nothing such a area in Japan. Australia is very huge continent.
Speaking of the moon, I remember "Mitsubishi Pavilion @EarthWhat If the Moon Didn't Exist?" which is Pavilion of Expo 2005. I went there 3 or 4 times. The pavilion maked me thought about importance of a moon. The moon is precious satellite for our earth lives.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Expo Aichi 2005

I checked call register of my mobile telephone, I noticed that a sometime coworker, when I worked as rail staff nearby expo site, called me. So, I called back. According to it, a trip party hold at next month. But its schedule falls on my school class. So I can't go... or skip a class??? Hmm... it's hesitated me. But this party is not last plan. There have a next plan. So I don't have to overdo. Hmm, I hesitate. But maybe I absence it.

Last September 25, expo Aichi were closed. Now 1 year is passing. Expo makes change my philosophy. In there I want to became cabin crew because I noticed that I like to work with expose people, and want to work in global world. So cabin crew is best position, I thought.
Recently, I often remember expo. I want go expo again. But now there is only memorial park standing. And my working station was very reduced. There is nothing same thing. What thing expo leave us? It is not goods but lots of soul and dream. I worked nearby expo as station staff, and was engaged in administration of expo from the transportation side. It is irreplaceable treasure for me.

Ivica Osim

Ivica Osim, who is manager of the Japanese football national team, said good word. It is "Winning is composed of a variety of elements, but if you win, the details tend to get overlooked. Losing makes the best teacher.". Losing makes the best teacher! Yeah, that's right. I think so.
Losing makes me more effort. But if I win, maybe it makes me rapture and overlooked.
Don't mind broke heart for a long time. I will more efort, and get unofficial decision of cabin attendant!

Today at 19:20 in Japan, Japanese national team match with Trinidad and Tobago. I'm looking forward to it.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Summer lethargy

From yesterday, I have no appetite. Is it lethargy? or broken heart? Broken heart's feeling is like this? Hmm... maybe this is so. It can't know without experience, even if I read a lot of romance book much more.
It maybe better to leave her alone now, so I cant send E-mail or call. I wanna do nothing now. But I did not notice till now that I love her. Why do I love her? Year, but she is different from other girls at all. she is honorable and I respect her. So, I love her.
How to tell her my feeling?
But at first, I have to become much more brilliant human with many more drawers.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Broken Heart

I don't know what is broke heart. I ask a favorite girl to a movie. But she said "Gomen Nasai". Now I'm very sad and bad feeling. I want to dead. Oh, It's too tall. I'm not such stupid. I don't dead. But maybe this situation call broken hurt.
Why she refuse? It's difficult to understand girl's feeling. I read a lot of novels which wrote by woman writer, and I try to understand girl's feeling. But Love is not Math. Answer is not only one. It's very difficult to understand person's feeling.
Perhaps, She had bad experience before. And she become nervous to contact with a person of the other sex.
But I really love her. I want to administer to her with at any expense.
But...but...why? Why she can't understand my feeling?
To take more time, I will try to tell my feeling to her. Now I need leave her alone. I will wait for a long time...

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Today also hot! Nagoya's summer is very muggy. Today's highest temperature is 37(c). It's mad.
So I went to library. Today hold a trial examination which sponsor Kawai-Juku; one of a major university cram school. So library is emply. It's cool and comfortable.I pass all of the day in there.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Very Hot Day!!!!

What today? Why so hot? Like this day, I wanna do nothing. But later of today, I have a class at university as an intensive course. It makes me disgusted.

Now there is no typhoon coming in Nagoya. Everyear in this time, 1 or 2 typhoon coming. So it's a abnormal weather.

War heute? Warum so heiß? Wie dieser Tag, möchte ich nichts tun. Aber später vom heutigen Umbau, habe ich eine Kategorie ein der Universität als intensiver Kurs.

Jetzt gibt es keinen Taifun, der in Nagoya kommt. Everyear in diesem Kommen 1 oder 2 taifuns. So ist es ein anormales Wetter.