The Idea by Yumica

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Whose is education?

Whose to study?
“Own to study, not to father, mother or teacher.”
Parents and teacher caution child, who don’t study, about like this. Own to study? Right then, why there are compulsory education? Don’t study, also there’s will. It’s strange to oblige, isn’t it? No, that’s wrong. You can’t judge it is necessary or unnecessary if you don’t study.

Today, everyone can study at will. But not whenever or wherever we could it before. On the Edo period, it was forbided to study Christ in Japan. Instead, it was encouraged to study Confucianism.
Why mustn’t study Christ? Christ’s thought was different from Shogunate government. Therefore, Shogunate judge that if many people study Christ, we couldn’t keep Shogunate system. National’s to study, they demanded it.
On Prewar and wartime in Japan, “Japan was borne by divine. And Japan is divine national. Japan must win against the war. Offer your life to national” educated like this. Which part was own to study? No, It was national’s to study.

And also at the time, there was forbided to say that contents of study in university. Real fact thing was studied in university. And distortion fact, which was suitable for national, was educated in school. Few people enter university on prewar. So, most nation were educated which was suitable for national. And educated to offer your life to national.

Today, national even observe education. It is “textbook authorize” and “course of study”.
Is it necessary or wrong? I think it’s necessary. If there are no system, national can’t grasp what educate are doing in school. And there may have some possibility to do some distorted education. It is necessary to protect each of nation’s wholesome society and healthy life. If, children are educated that murder or robber is right way in school, and then they grow and become adults, what happen in our society and national?
To protect our national, society and nation. This system must be keeped. But base is nation. To educate must for nation, mustn’t for national.